Albuquerque, New Mexico is an odd, beautiful, and unpredictable place. Everything here is harshly lit and sharply rendered by the desert sun. The light singes and extrudes, and makes visible telling details that elsewhere would be harder to see.  These details make clear that this place is an unique amalgam shaped by history, blending of cultures, uncertain economics, and especially, its formidable climate and sublime landscape.

“Surplus City” is an ubiquitous name for a discount store, and the title was taken from one such storefront I photographed in passing as I drove around Albuquerque. The term seemed a perfect description of what I was drawn to about this town; what it contains might otherwise be easy to dismiss as excess, cheap, expendable; but there also might be an opportunity here, something of value, and a chance for something to be gained.


Spreads from Surplus City book dummy
8in x 5in
96 images on 139 pages