Surplus City

Details: 5 in x 8in , 142 pages, 97 images

Shot on 35mm film, using a 30 year old point and shoot camera, this series is a capricious portrayal of the social, economic and cultural facets that define Albuquerque, NM.


Two Rivers

Details: 8 in x 8 in, 96 pages, 47 images

 Photographed in the Dominican Republic, this series is a portrait of family and place, but it is also a fiction; a romantic portrayal, which suggests the remarkable, threaded throughout our lived experience.


Seemingly Without Earth

Details: 76 pages, 8.25in X 8in

Sodade, whose title comes from a Cesária Évora song about loss and remembrance, is a portrait of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the neighborhood where I grew up after immigrating to America as a child. It depicts the changing character of this neighborhood as seen through the eyes of the Latino men found on its streets.