Artist Statement

My photography is formally rooted in the documentary genre and narratively linked to the structures of the literary novel. I create long-form essays, sequenced into photobooks with the aim of presenting holistic narratives. This practice functions as a scaffold for storytelling in which I perform the roles of reporter, and that of an unreliable narrator. As a reporter, I journal lives and places, and the social and cultural issues that shape them. As an unreliable narrator I embrace the idea that the stories I portray are ultimately a form of fiction, born from my personal, limited, and so, transformative subjectivity.



Claudio Nolasco is a Dominican-born photographer, currently residing in Amherst, Massachusetts, where he is an assistant professor of photography at Hampshire College. Nolasco holds a Master’s of Fine Arts from Columbia University and a Bachelor’s of Fine Art from The Cooper Union School of Art. He has exhibited at such galleries as Art in General, Torrance Shipman Gallery, and the Lipany Gallery at Fordham University in New York City, the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center in Philadelphia, PA, and the Miami Dade College Art Gallery in Miami, FL. His work has been published by Capricious Magazine, Oranbeg Press and Unseen Magazine, and has been featured by Phases Magazine, The Swap, and An extended interview with Podcast is forthcoming, and his book Two Rivers has been shortlisted for the 2016 Athens Photo festival: Photobook exhibition.